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Where Radiohead and Peter Gabriel meet eastern and classical music, you will find ThebandIvory’s layered, genre-bending sound. Frankie DeRosa and Robbie Simmons formed ThebandIvory nearly by accident, trapped in a Boston apartment during a blizzard. Their wide range of collective influences inspire a polished, but experimental take on pop and rock music. Their songs range from cinematic, indie-rock symphonies to sparse, haunting ballads and everywhere in between, DeRosa’s resonant, emotive voice the connective thread.

Frankie DeRosa’s life as a first generation Venezuelan-American informs not only the band’s lyrics, which encompass themes of life and death, climate change anxiety and DeRosa’s experience as a queer person-of-color in America, but also the music. His time as an orchestral musician is reflected in lush orchestration, while his study of eastern music is clearly heard in his unique instrumental and vocal performances. DeRosa met Robbie Simmons at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and the pair began to collaborate, forming ThebandIvory (then called Ivory) in 2013. Simmons’s vision as a producer takes the songs from the highest points of wall-of-sound to minimal and restrained, his rhythm section the foundation of their arrangements.

Upon arriving in Philadelphia in 2015, ThebandIvory released their debut EP, The Beast, along with a music video for the lead single, “Home.” In the time since, DeRosa and Simmons have been carefully crafting new material while developing a small but enthusiastic fan-base, performing with a full band at venues such as Milkboy, and local festivals like the South Street Spring Festival and more intimate acoustic performances at DIY spaces and listening rooms. Recorded and performed almost entirely by DeRosa and Simmons, their single “After it’s Said and Done,” which was released August 2019, fully realizes the energy and individuality of ThebandIvory’s sound.



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